Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cute Sayings From My Kids

Today Jonah pointed at something out of the car and said, "Look mom a wheol." I saw a couple cars so I just said, "uh huh" or something. And then he says, "It goes whee-o, whee-o." It was a flashing yellow light on top of some kind of truck, which apparently made Jonah think of an ambulance that says "whee-o." :) Too cute!

Elora now occasionally says, "Lo-ra's!", her version of "mine." I love it!

Last night at dinner Jonah says to Elora, "Elor, drink yo juice. It make you healthy."

Just in time for Easter, Jonah's new favorite food is "bow-lid" (boiled) eggs.

Oh, and Elora is pretty much potty trained.


Susan said...

I can't believe Elora is potty trained! I last her saw her when she was a baby - literally! I love what children say and how they are so literal. I hear you on Idol. I was so dispappointed and wonder if I will continue watching but I was happy with the results last night. Also, sushi class? I would love to take something like that! Matt and I make a little but we definitely could use some help. Hope you're well!

Andy said...

Darling pictures! You look great in them too. Looks like you guys have been having fun.