Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Idol's Top 12

Dear America,
I am very disappointed in you. Your American Idol elimination choices last week were terrible.
Emily J.

How can my single vote compete with the young girls voting for the teen contestants hundreds of times each episode? Why is there no limit to the number of votes a single phone can put in?! Anyway, you really should have better taste. I am especially upset that Lilly Scott will not be our American Idol this year. She was my very favorite.

And now onto last night's show and the top 12. Really, this is a talented group of singers. For some reason I'm not a big fan of the three teenage contestants, and it's not that they are not great, I guess I'm just old now and I don't connect with them.

Here's my rundown:
Michael: You rocked again, brother. You rocked.
Didi: I love you.
Andrew: It was fun seeing you without the guitar. Your best performance since Hollywood!
Casey: Probably my favorite performance from you as well. Bravo!
Katie: I think you have a great voice and this was perhaps your best performance and song choice, but I just feel lukewarm about you all around.
Lacey: Great song choice, good performance, but my overall feelings towards you are best summed up as, "eh."
Aaron: You do this weird hip shake thing that I find annoying. You have a great voice and I think you are very talented but I'm just not a huge fan.
Lee: You have a great radio voice. You are handsome. You are talented. All of your performances are starting to sound the same though.
Siobhan: The judges loved you last night. I wasn't blown away, but I really do like you. And your tattoo on your shoulder is way cool.
Paige: I don't remember you from Hollywood week, but since then you have not made a great impression on me. You make terrible song choices and arrangements. You are boring and forgettable despite a cool voice. Last night you rocked the house. Good job!
Tim: Snore. At least you made the song sound current.
Crystal: You were awesome as always, though I would have picked a different Stones song if I were you.


Gina said...

We must be the same old because I totally agree with this post ALL THE WAY! I really don't like that any of the teenagers are still there. Loved that Crystal had a momento for Lilly. So sweet! I thought that gal was gonna go all the way. Stupid voters.

Skye said...

I agree too, especially about the young kids. And I wish Lilly and Alex didn't go home last week, but I won't complain since I didn't vote.