Saturday, March 13, 2010

A February Weekend

Talking on the phone with my friend Avalie in January made us realize we hadn't seen each other in two years! They only live an hour away from us but with each of us having relatives closeby, friends, church, kids, life, we never get together. We made a plan to take the M. family and their four kids plus our little family of four up to the cabin for a night. We had so much fun we stayed a whole extra night and all went home in dirty clothes! It was great hanging out with some of our old college buddies again:)

The kiddos snuggling on the beanbag while watching their morning show.

Taylor ready for her first snowmobile ride.

Brandon reading Backyard Livestock on the porch swing while Jonah snuggles him.

This room in the cabin is generally referred to as 'the bunkroom.' This weekend it was dubbed, 'the playroom' (check out Jonah's bedhead!).

Our littlest ones both suck on their fingers and play with their hair when they're tired!

Brandon on lead guitar for Rock Band.

Trent singing karaoke while Avalie smiles on appreciatively.

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Janette said...

Oh this looks like so much fun! I miss all you guys!