Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 2 - Seattle to Whistler

After a little breakfast at Danielle's apartment, Karen and I left the Seattle area to head further north.  Our first potty break was in the beautiful college town of Bellingham, WA.  We found the cutest donut shop on earth there along with no less than four fantastic murals on the sides of buildings.  It was rainy and chilly all day.
Our sweet rental car

Why yes, that is a maple and bacon long john.

Cubist The Last Supper, in a church parking lot no less.

We got asked a lot of very specific questions when crossing over the border into Canada.  Much harder than getting into Mexico.  Sometimes it's hard to think of Canada as another country, they speak English, their dollar is worth exactly what ours is right now.  We were so shocked to receive change back at shops in a foreign currency and I was unable to use my phone or my iphone internet for a full three days.

Lunch in Vancouver
People sitting at this restaurant were speaking at least two other languages.

Apparently our stops in Bellingham and Vancouver, not to mention the nightmare that is driving thru Vancouver, took too long and we arrived at the lodge in Whistler at exactly 5:30pm, the time when official wedding festivities began there.  The evening began with a BBQ to get to know the family and friends of the bride and groom who had all traveled there recently from all around the world to celebrate.

Cousin Theo and Aunt Elizabeth

Helene and her niece Callie, Theo's daughter

Three sets of sisters and Molly

It was also Elisa (the bride's sister)'s birthday that day:)

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