Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacation Day 1 - Seattle

Last night I arrived home from a five day trip with my sister Karen (6 yrs. my junior).  The vacation started and ended in Seattle.  Karen spent the summer of 2008 working and living in Seattle.  I had never been there before.
Karen landed a bit before me and picked up the rental car.  From the airport we headed straight downtown to Pike Place Market as the shops were already beginning to close down there.

Then we headed down to the water front to check out Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, which is pretty much a national treasure with it's mummies, shrunken heads, and multiheaded animals, etc.  And after exploring the shop we had seafood for dinner on the pier.

Next it was over to the Space Needle and it's environs.

Sci Fi and Music museums in awesome architectural gems.

After exploring the city, we crossed another bridge with gorgeous views to visit Karen's old neighborhood in Bellvue and then went out for drinks with her old friends in another incredibly beautiful suburb called Kirkland.  We each spent the night at a friend's house and I stayed up WAY too late talking with Danielle.  I love you and miss you already Dani!

Tuesday we drove from Vancouver to Seattle but were out of time so never did get to do the Underground Tour or anything, we just drove through the beautiful city and headed straight to the airport.

More of the trip to come!

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