Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Friday

Last Friday Robin, her three youngest, my cousin Jill & her daughter Jordan, my cousin Macey and her three, and me and my two kids all met up for a playdate at an awesome splash park in Tempe.  We brought a picnic of Ned's Krazy Subs and had a blast.
Robin, Paisley, Jordan, and Elora

Henry, Jordan, and Paisley

Henry and Charlotte
(my kids spent a majority of their time chasing pigeons)



Cathy said...

I see Elora is finally learning what Mr. Miyagi has been teaching her all this time.

Macey said...

so fun...her swim suit is awesome.

Gina said...

That last photo is so awesome! Such a fun and cute girlie!

trevandjules said...

Just what Gina said! That picture is hilarious and your kids are so cute!