Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

When you come to Arizona in the summer instead of in the fall, you will probably spend most of your time indoors or in a pool.  And pools are generally more fun, especially with kids.
Paisley, muscle-Jonah, Charlotte, and Hank

Friday at Robin's pool

Adam's kids: Ethan, Moqui, and Kaleb.

Swimming at Adam's pool on Saturday

(No swimming on the sabbath day)
Monday (Labor Day) we went swimming at my Grandma Donna's pool with Grandma, Mark, and my cousin Mike and his family.  This is the only photo I took:

Tonight we did a little skinny dipping in Robin's pool.


Skye said...

ha, ha, cute kids.

Anonymous said...

Why did they get naked with each other?

Anonymous said...

Very cute