Tuesday, August 29, 2006

17 Weeks

Today I felt my baby move! Yep, there was definitely something weird going on in my stomach area, something I'd never felt before (though similar to gas pains) and then suddenly there was a shifting of weight to the right side of my body. It actually felt harder on the left then on the right for a few minutes. Several minutes later I felt it again. Today's belly movements are big excitement in my life. Now I will top off my evening with a gigantic bowl of Taco Rice, which I will probably have to eat in two sittings an hour apart, because my stomach seems to have shrunk (though my belly size is considerably un-shrunk).

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Abbie said...

yea for baby movements! 17 weeks is when i first felt something too, but it wasn't nearly that dramatic. Now my baby kicks and punches full time. Those baby kicks are so exciting!