Monday, August 07, 2006

Saturday Night

Saturday night we did something rare; a double date. We had our friends Jennifer and Andy over. I made "waikiki" meatballs and rice. Brandon made the salad. Dinner was a hit. After dinner we decided to play games. We began with Rook (of course). We had never played with four people before (only 2 or 3) and it was fun. You have to have partners. Then we moved on to Hoopla, one of my favorites. Then we played True Colors (my favorite in high school and still great). Then we played Bop It Extreme, don't laugh. To end our evening we showed each other our favorite funny videos online (on You Tube, etc.). Jokes of the evening: "Beat 'em up and take their shit" (a quote Andy had heard earlier in the week from a military guy/judge) and "It's 7:45." Apparently, Jennifer gets tired as soon as she hears it's after 8pm (mental conditioning?) and starts yawning/dozing, so Andy never let her look at a clock and all night it was 7:45, even though they didn't actually leave until 1:15! Well, that's it, fun at the Jensen's place.


Julianne Rose said...

I just wanted to say I hope you make it over to England! And have the best time ever. It's the most glorious countryside in the world!

acte gratuit said...

So I was looking at my the blog of my sister in law and went to the blog of someone who commented on her blog "Barefoot in the Kitchen" (I figured the girl must have a sense of humor) So after I looked at her blog, I checked her list of links and found "Emily" which is my name so I clicked on it and found your blog. On my way out I noticed a link to the Skyline Eagles reunion page. I didn't go to Skyline, but went to Wasatch for 9th grade and also graduated in 96. My cousin is Kristen Barson Farmer and my best friend growing up was Lisa Tingey Hemming (Both Skyline '96 graduates) Anyway, thanks for the interesting read and trip down memory lane! -Another Emily

Robin said...

Double date night, I could really go for one. These days we usually have Trent's brother and his wife (Blake and Andrea) over friday or saturday night for a movie after dinner when we've put the kids down. It is nice having someone in the same neighborhood. We even joined them at Fuddruckers with the kids a couple weeks ago. I really need to get out without the kids occasionally though. We did have sisters night out with Michelle last week, don't feel bad, but it was nice.