Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Past Two Weeks

So much has happened in the past two weeks I hardly know where to start. I left for Utah the afternoon of the 10th. I had layover in Phoenix where my sisters Sarah, Robin, Karen, my brother Mark, 3 of my nephews and my tiny neice Charlotte all met up with me. Sarah cried a little when she announced that, "There's a bump!" and indeed there is. She brought me a bag of maternity clothes and books. Yippee! We sat and talked and ate cookies for a glorious hour and a half. Jackson, 3, fearlessly walked up to any stranger in uniform to introduce himself and make a new friend. Tucker, also 3, oohed and awed over the airplanes and cried when his mom wouldn't get him a ticket to go on one. It was great to see my family!
Friday, August 11th began hanging out with Brandon's family. For lunch Brandon, his 16 year old sister Katie, and Kathy (a cousin of sorts), and I went to have my favorite burritos in the world at La Puente. Delicious! Later that afternoon the four of us, plus Brandon's dad Alan, his wife Linda, and two dogs all drove up Parley's Canyon headed for the family reunion. We joined up with Alan's two brothers, his sister, and various other relatives for an evening of food, fire, and fun (s'mores too). The next day around noon, Alan, Brandon, and B's cousin Jamon took off farther into the Uintas for a 4 day backpacking trip. The rest of us stayed and enjoyed our little campsite and a short, lovely hike up to another lake with most of the family.

More tales of my trip to Utah to come...

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