Friday, October 26, 2007

Nice Nancy

Nancy awarded me this like a month ago and I forgot to ever post it. It's true, I'm totally fabulous.

Nancy recently awarded me the WonderWoman award. I feel undeserving since I don't work outside the home and I only have one child, but I accept, because it gives me something to live up to.

Nancy is my little brother's girlfriend's mom. Yup, that's what I said.
Nancy and my mom have a lot in common; they are both great friends to their kids, they both always look very put together, they are both good writers (Mom, start a blog!), and they are both total goofballs. Nancy and I have never met, but we have become blog buddies. She sent me a baby gift before Jonah was born and sent me a birthday card this year. Nancy, you rock! I look forward to meeting you someday soon.


Kayelyn said...

So...your brother is...Ted?

I just want you to know that not working outside the home and having only one child does not mean you don't do wonderful things. Nothing I do at work matters if I fail as a mom and/or wife. That's why I waited until I was like, oh say, 40 before going to work outside of my home.

Staying at home has challenges of its own. You are a Wonder Woman. You so deserve the award.

Lauren said...

HAHA that is a mouthful! You totally deserve those awards! :)

Nancy Face said...

Emily, you are so kind! Thank you for making me feel very special today! Goofball...I ♥ it, tee hee! :D

I agree with what Kayelyn said, and you so deserve your awards! :)