Monday, October 01, 2007

San Francisco

We returned from San Francisco last night. It was my second trip to the city and it confirmed my opinion that it is my favorite of all the large cities I have visited (Chicago, Kathmandu, New York, Portland, Boston, etc.). It was Brandon's first real vacation staying in a big city, he loved it more than either of us expected. I have so many good pictures I'm not sure which to share.
I'll start with a quick trip summary.

Wednesday: arrived at our SF hotel around noon. Walked down Market street to the Ferry Building at Pier 1 on the Embaraderro. Market street is full of great shopping and interesting people. Had an interesting/delicious jicima salad with grapefruit, avacado, and pumpkin seeds. Did a little window shopping. Walked up to Chinatown, did a little more shopping and gawking. Picked up Indian food for dinner. Mark arrived.

Thursday: Brandon went to classes in the morning while Mark, Jonah, and I spent the day exploring the city (Chinatown, Union Square, the Financial District, Nob Hill, etc). Met Brandon for lunch. My Lonely Planet San Francisco Encounter (pocket sized travel book) was spot on for restaurant recommendations. Thursday night Mark babysat while Brandon and I went to dinner with his friend from dental school and his wife. We rode a cable car to North Beach (the Italian part of town) and ate a fabulous authentic dinner. We ended up walking all the way back to our hotel because we were just enjoying meadering down the streets at night. There are lots of people and lots of lights so you feel safe in most parts of the city.

Friday: Caught the last 20 minutes of the General Session at Brandon's dental convention where Barbara Walters was speaking. Then Mark, Jonah, and I caught a bus (two, actually) to the Golden Gate Bridge. Looked, ooh-ed, aw-ed, walked on it, took pictures, and headed back. Jonah insisted on sitting on Mark's lap on buses. Ordered Ocean's 13 and Thai food in our room that night.

Saturday: Mark and Brandon went to the General Session to hear Lance Armstrong speak. Mark, Jo, and I were going to head down to the Piers but all public transportation on Market was on hold. Ended up spending a couple hours gawking at the Love Parade on Market instead. The most colorful parade I've ever seen. Mark headed home late that afternoon.

Sunday: B, Jonah, and I took a streetcar to Pier 39. Watched sea lions, shopped, ate clam chowder in sour dough breadbowls. Headed home.

Wonderful trip.


Nancy Face said...

Emily, everything sounds so great! I've never been there, and now I want to go! I'm glad you had such a grand time, and I'm so looking forward to pictures! :D

Mel said...

How fun for you! I haven't been to SF since I was a kid. Glad you had a nice time.

Lauren said...

I want to go so San Francisco so bad!! I also want soup in a bread bowl...