Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Apple a Day

Yesterday Jonah picked up an apple that his cousin Charlotte had dropped. Being the smart boy that he is, Jonah knew it was not a ball to play with. He bit into it. I took it away, not thinking him capable of eating an apple without it being cut into much smaller pieces but when he managed to swallow his taste of the peel I gave it back to him after washing it.

I think Jonah spent a full hour eating this little apple. He never choked and he ate just about every single bite. It was entertainment as well as an appetizer.

I don't know why this one makes me laugh so.

Cousin Tucker reading to Jonah.

Sharing with cousin Henry aka: little Hank.

Me holding all that was left.


Klin said...

Cute pics. Were you at the cabin? It was hard to tell.

I had no idea Henry was eating apples so soon;)

sjmiller said...

That boy loves his food! So cute that he was persistent and ate almost all of it!

Nancy Face said...

Such cute pictures, and what a smart boy! :)

Stephanie said...

wow, i can't believe he ate that whole apple! he's cute, emily.

The Halls said...

its a wonder what they can eat when you let them! wish my picky kids would eat apples

Linda said...

Alan said, it's so special that he ate the whole apple. His diaper is going to be very special, too!!!!!!
Very cute!