Sunday, March 09, 2008

New Toy

Not for Jonah, for Brandon

Last Friday Brandon bought himself a motorcycle. It is street legal but he never goes very far on it. He mostly got it so that he can ride it around up above his dad's cabin when all the snow is gone.

In a twist of fate, Brandon aquired yet another motorcycle yesterday. It is similar to the pictured one, but sits a little higher and is not street legal but is just a dirt bike. It will move up to the cabin permanently and the other one will mostly be for riding to and from work on nice days. The newest bike was a trade. Brandon is doing his assistant's father-in-law's dental work in exchange for the bike (a couple root canals and maybe more). He says the first bike can be mine after the baby comes. Riiiight. He is currently in the garage changing the oil on both bikes, organizing his tools, and just generally tooling around. I bet he feels very manly.


Annie said...

B is in heaven. Are you? When Drew had his motorcyle as a commuter bike in dental school I prayed everyday he would not be killed on that thing. I think I worry too much.

sjmiller said...

"The time has come", the walrus said!

Good luck with the new bikes. I'm sure he is loving it.

How are YOU doing?

Nancy Face said...

My hubby got a dirt bike a few months ago and LOVES the thing!

I don't find it so exciting, haha! ;)

Macey Kay said...

How fun for him!