Wednesday, August 13, 2008

At-Home Date Ideas

Card Games

Rook (we both love this one)
Uno (a classic)
Phase 10
Set (we love this alone or with groups)
Five Crowns (we don't own this one yet)
Face Card games (my favorite is Texas Hold 'Em poker - watch the new Casino Royale for inspiration first)

Box Games / Board Games / Party Games

Scene It
Spy Alley
Trivial Pursuit (B hates this one)
Rummikub (our favorite date game)

Strategy Boxed Games (Brandon loves these and I do not partly because they last too long and mostly because I suck at them BUT if I'm to let him choose the game every other time we play, inevitably these will be the chosen ones. Those of you with math/strategy brains will love these).

Axis & Allies

And finally, only my geeky husband would suggest a two-player game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Non-Game Dates

Bake cookies (or cook anything, cooking together is fun, even doing the dishes afterwards together can be fun).

Read out loud to each other (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus; Five Love Languages, a novel, etc.).

Guys- let your wife help you shave your face (Brandon loves it when I give him a facial - just wash & moisturize his face while he lays down, use as many products as possible. All it takes is a few warm washcloths). Gals- let your hubby help you shave your legs.

Give each other massages.

Take a bath or shower together.

Check out sex books from the library! I was recommended 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy, which I look forward to reading.

Play with your sex toys (naughty dice, silky scarves, handcuffs, lingerie, food items - whipped cream, chocolate syrup, ice cubes, etc...)

I've discovered that feeling disconnected with your spouse is a common malady in marraige. Dating is the cure. Use what you've got at home, these dates are all free. Don't own any games? Card games are cheap or borrow a game from a friend. For those of you with young children: put your kids to bed at an early hour (for other reasons why and tips on how read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child) so you have alone time every night with your spouse or really alone time to read or take a bath or unwind with a show. Look for a future post on away-from-home dates (email me your suggestions).

Thank you Megan who suggested that I turn my plea for help into a blog post to help others. Thank you to the friends who gave me suggestions.

Please post your favorite at-home dates and two-person games in the comments. Thanks!


Tara Ann said...

- We loved to play Scattergories.

- Instead of giving both each other a massage focus on one partner for the night (no reciprocation) - and spend the money on the good products. Jim loved it when it was his turn for an hour long massage... and it may take a couple of turns before your partner realizes what a real massage is and that it doesn't have to lead to more. Love, love, love the KY Intrigue (it goes on like a massage oil and dries without leaving a residue on the back, arms, legs).

- Go for a nightly walk. Some of our fondest and most memorable conversations were made when we were on a walk through our neighborhood.

- Enjoy the peace and quiet on your own front porch and watch the world drive by. You'd be surprised how close you can get when you just sit there together taking it all in.

- MOST IMPORTANTLY: COMMUNICATE! That's how you keep from feeling disconnected.

Busy Bee Lauren said... items - whipped cream, chocolate syrup, ice cubes, etc...

Now I know where Ted gets his ideas from...he thinks we need to pack that stuff for the honeymoon. I like my body food free...haha

Well, Ted and I only eat and watch movies. I am not much into games...and the games Ted likes make me sleepy haha. Such as Risk, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Oh! and....

I would never left Ted shave my legs! I would be so scared! I am scared when I shave my OWN legs...seriously. I have a shaving leg phobia haha!

Andy said...

Eewww. Sex books and my brother's name should not go in the same sentence. Next time warn me, just write "earmuffs Andy", and I'll skip that part.

Nancy Face said...

Really? You two need sex toys? ;)

Lacey said...

I totally agree with the reading together. Ryan and I enjoyed reading Blue Like Jazz. Very funny and great discussions.

Lacey said...

P.S. too...
Ryan totally wants me to shave his face and he said he wanted to shave my legs. I never would have thought of something so routine but okay.