Friday, August 29, 2008

Current Favorites

Foods: dips (BBQ sauce, mustard, ketchup, syrup...), crack (I mean crackers, he often leaves off syllables), warm milk, fruit, cheese, juice, (not into bread or bread-like things right now)
Words: color, butt, plane, poo poo, Pooh, more, fly (bly), stuck
Books: Yes, Yes, No, No; Goodnight Moon (he calls it Hush), and Where is Baby's Belly Button
Shows: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Aristocats, Beauty & The Beast
Activities: coloring, climbing into his highchair himself, bouncing or swinging Elora, dancing, playing blocks with someone, and of course reading

Foods: breastmilk
Words: ghee
Books: Good Night Mr. Night
Shows: the occassional Baby Einstein video but acts very absorbed in anything she happens to see in passing
Activities: giggling, kicking, talking, blowing spit bubbles

Brandon (I'm guessing here)
Foods: tomato soup and anything his talented wife makes
Words: delish
Books: I think he's been re-reading some of his old fantasy books in the tub lately
Shows: Westerns
Activities: baths, wrestling with Jonah, played W.o.W. online the past few days for the first time in weeks

Foods: the two new recipes I got from Adina (I posted the wrap recipe on here last month and the other is for a tandoori-style chicken that is pure heaven)
Words: anything my kids say in their cute voices
Books: just started The Golden Compass
Shows: currently watching Gilmore Girls season 7!, CSI Miami season 2, Law & Order Criminal Intent season 4, My Name is Earl season 2
(Also watched a very silly movie called What a Way to Go from 1964 with an incredible all-star cast that we found highly amusing)
Activities: dancing with Jonah, cooking, watching dvds all evening, marathon phone call with Victoria, interacting with my kids, snuggling my husband

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Andy said...

Delish - thats a good word.