Friday, August 15, 2008

Update on the Kiddos

Last Monday Elora rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back. She didn't do it again until yesterday when she did it two or three times in a row for all three of us to watch and cheer for. After we clapped and cheered for her and put her back on her tummy, Jonah went over and helped her do it again. Pretty cute:)
She has been able to roll from her back to her side for awhile but it is a mystery whether she can go all the way from her back to her tummy.

I finally washed the used crib and mattress that we bought for Elora. I also bought and washed a mattress pad, washed her sheets, ironed the crib skirt, bought & assembled and put up the mobile. So our baby is in her darling crib now instead of in the pack n' play bassinet. She likes to lay on her back and push herself across the crib using her strong little legs.

Jonah likes water in any form. He loves to be wet!

I laid Elora down on her back on a blanket on the floor for a minute, went into the kitchen to do something for a second and when I came back found her like this. She either rolled over from her back to her tummy on her own when I wasn't looking or Jonah helped her. It has happened twice when I wasn't looking that she's gotten from her back to her tummy but Jonah was close by both times...


stephanie said...

what good friends they are going to be! so darling.

Robin said...

I love Jonah's lips in the rain picture and Elora is so beautiful in her little yellow outfit and hat that I almost cried!