Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Ties

I don't see my extended family much. For almost eight years I lived in states without family from either side around. I've been back in Utah for a year now and felt it was time to see my dad's three brothers and their families who live here.

So last weekend Uncle Bart, his wife Ginny, and four of their kids (plus two friends and a grandkid) came up to hang out with us at the cabin. Uncle Matt and his wife Susan and three of their kids came too. We had a great time. I didn't take many pictures but here's what I did get.

My uncle Matt and his two youngest kids, Ella and Aiden enjoying a little swim in the hot tub.

My cousin Amy and her boyfriend Scott.

Aiden, Jonah, and Matt.

This past Friday I had some quality time with the B. family again. My uncle Steve's oldest child, Nicole, got married in the Timpanogas temple. There was a luncheon afterwards at The Chef's Table in Provo. My poor dad, now all of his siblings have seen his youngest grandchild and he has not! My dad's mom, his brother Kent and his sister Susan and her husband Steve all came down from Arizona for the events. We had a really nice time. The wedding ceremony was beautiful, as was the bride, and the food at the luncheon was great. Kent played my date since his wife and my husband couldn't come.

My cousin Nicole and her husband Garrett.

Elora, windblown me, and Grandma Donna.

My gorgeous cousin Anna holding Elora.


Nancy Face said...

What a beautiful bride!

I love the picture of you with your grandma and Elora! :)

Kami said...

That is to funny I have a brother named Kent!