Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Some Stuff

Yesterday Jonah undressed his baby doll (that he hasn't been interested in for basically a year) and then brought it over to me and said, "pee pee, poo poo." We took the doll to the bathroom, he held it over the toilet, we did a few sound effects, and then wiped it with toilet paper and flushed. He then told me to wash her hands, which I did, and then I dried them on a towel. That was the end. It was pretty great.
After spending four days on vacation (more about that in my next post) with Grammy and Papa drinking and talking about and keeping Jonah away from coffee, this morning I told Jonah to get his milk off of the coffee table and now he insists that it is coffee.
After basically a six-month break from almost any reading, I am back into "reading mode." I finished two books that I started months ago and have one more to go on that front. I am beginning Shadow of the Wind this week, which my bookclub is discussing in July. After that, it's on to New Moon.
Elora has done the "headplant" trick for months but in the past couple days has now added in the no-hands aspect. It's pretty cute. To keep Elora from getting too much attention for that, Jonah usually has to do a somersault whenever I cheer for her headplant trick (hopefully I'll get a picture of this on here soon).

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