Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Krazy Kids

I think of things everyday that I should blog about my kids, but I rarely get around to it. They both love to be outside, they both love baths & showers and sprinklers and being together.
Jonah can count to six. He's getting better and better at his ABCs. He seems smarter everyday. He likes to say "no way" to most any question. He's starting to sing along more words to songs. He is generally just talking a lot more now. He says sentences like, "Ouch. Bad job stairs!" He likes books that are all the same size. He usually has a stack of "matching" books in his bed with him when I check on him at night.
Elora can say several words. She occassionally says "no way" now too. It is hysterical! She is very interested in books, finally. She almost hyperventilates when looking at pictures of animals, especially cats, because she gets so excited. She is finally learning to go downstairs. She is going thru a picky eating phase, I hope it ends soon.

Elora's one-year portraits were taken the first week in June. She fell off a boulder towards the end of the session, neither the photographer's assistant or I were close enough to catch her. It was pretty scary and sad but she was such a champ and cheered up very quickly.

The bruise and bump on her head were virtually gone the second day but the scrape on her nose looked even worse the day after.


Robin said...

She is so gorgeous! I can't stand it.

Teddy said...

She is such a beautiful girl! Those eyes are pretty darn amazing.

Susan said...

Emily, Elora is gorgeous and has grown so much. I hope I can see her soon! I love Jonah's stacking books that are the same size -engineer?