Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Morning

Elora slept in an hour and a half later than usual (got up at 8:20) and was almost too cute to bear during breakfast (I made biscuits and gravy to please my hubby who took care of the kids and cleaned up the house last night while I went shoe shopping). Then suddenly I look over at her cause I thought she said, "Boo!" in her cute, tiny little voice (tiny unless she is doing her eardrum-splitting squeal for no reason). Sure enough, she is sitting in her high chair with the biggest smile on her face, covering her eyes with her hands. Then she would say "boo!", wait a full two seconds, and then pull her hands away and giggle. It made breakfast even better. Oh, and the cantalope helped too.

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Andy said...

Cute! Had fun shoe shopping with you. Thanks for hanging with me.