Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Good Day, Sunshine"

So, yesterday I am pushing the double stroller after a stop at the neighborhood park with the kids and talking on the phone to my friend in New York. Brandon calls from work on the other line so I answer cause he doesn't call from work a lot. He asks if I can get a babysitter in the evening so we can go out for sushi. Thank goodness for cravings that turn into date nights!

The babysitter comes over at 5:30 and we head up to Park City for dinner. Main Street is a ghost town on a Wednesday night. Oishi is having a 50% off on all rolls special (!), probably to drum up weekday business. We enjoy delicious food and nice conversation. We walk all the way up Main Street, stepping into a few shops, and Brandon keeps his arm around me and I feel like a newlywed. We enjoy gorgeous weather. We walk down a side street marveling at ridiculous prices on multiple homes for sale as we head back to our car.

We get to Heber and look at two homes for sale and stop at The Hub to pick up two slices of Bonnie's homemade peach pie. Yum! We eat them while watching Wall-E for the first time.

PS- We have a mortgage broker working on getting us a home loan as we speak. We are going to make an offer on the house across the street from us.

Elora said, "Jonah", "Jo Jo" and "hat" for the first time this week.

Jonah's sentences are getting better and better and he's really into putting on his own clothes and changing his clothes when he is supposed to be sleeping.


victoria said...

good luck on the offer!!

Susan said...

I am so excited for you! Please let us know when you have your house warming party! By the way, Matt and I are going for sushi and a movie tonight, too!