Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Another Day

Yesterday Jonah woke up and I sat him down in front of a show and layed back in bed for 30 minutes. When I came back out I found him in a pile of gum wrappers. He had gotten into my purse and consumed six pieces of gum. I am rather disturbed by this. I didn't know he could open that purse or that it was out. He also had a blackish brown smear on his hand. When I asked him what it was he said, "lash". Fortunately my mascara was still closed.
We started getting ready to go to Thanksgiving Point with Raquel, Ellie, and Ethan and realized that Dad had taken the car to work instead of his motorcycle like he was supposed to. (One of our cars is having the brakes fixed and the other one is totally unsafe to drive so we just have a Honda Fit we are borrowing from my FIL.) So we got off to a late start because B had to bring the car home.
We spent an hour and a half at the T.P. gardens with our friends and had a blast. They brought their double wagon and we brought our stroller and we each had food and there was a lot of trading, sharing, moving, running, etc. going on.

Watching the fish.

Apparently, frogs actually sit on lilypads.

It was Two Dollar Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point. It is their August special. It was VERY crowded but still a lot of fun. I had never been to their gardens before. I bought myself a season pass since Elora is free and Jonah will be free til his birthday the last day in January. The gardens are normally $10 for an adult! I got a $55 season pass and plan to spend a lot of time at the dinosaur museum this winter and for the rest of this month I can go on uncrowded days if I want. The pass is also good for the farm animals area.
I saw a frog in the creek but then he hid. I stepped on a very wobbly rock to scare him out so everyone else could see him and ended up with one foot in the creek. It was right when we got there so it was over two hours later when I got to take my wet sock and shoe off (we live an hour from T.P.).
The kids were incapable of staying awake on the car ride home and we had to get the car home to Brandon by 1:00 so he could go to work in SLC. Jonah napped for about 30 mins. and that was his whole nap for the day (ugh!). Elora napped about 45 mins. in the car and again for 1.5 hours late in the afternoon.

Later that afternoon my friend Rena brought me these beautiful flowers and a card. She was thanking me for organizing the party I hosted on Friday up at the cabin (4 couples, dinner, and a tastiest salsa competition). She totally didn't need to do that but I love her for it.

See Jonah's beautiful lashes? They are enhanced here by mascara he put on in the morning and then reclosed so I didn't know. I didn't notice til about 4pm. He applied it perfectly to his right eye only.

Last night was our church ladies' Summer Salad Social and a short lecture on getting your spaces organized and a What's in Your Purse? game. Lots of fun.
After that, Brandon and I made cookies together and watched Knowing (we give it 4 out of 5 stars).
Good day.

Today has proved interesting already. What are your days like?


Huber Family said...

fun day! I miss having my kids so little and my days full of kinda nothing. My big kids have so much going on with lessons, sports and school. ENJOY this time it gos way to fast!

Annie said...

What a great deal for the Thanksgiving Point season pass! That looks like a great place to get the kids out and explore.
I know you have been concerned about being home bound because of nap schedules so a big shout out to you for branching out a bit. Kids sleep in the car if they are tired enough and as long as it's not a daily ritual of taking naps in the car, it's totally okay in my book if it means adventures. :)
The mascara thing is killing me. I can't believe how perfect it is on his lashes. Looks like we got a steady hander here...future dentist? :)