Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nickname Quiz Winner

Here is a picture of my friend Summer with her daughter Annalise. I stole it off of facebook. She won the nickname quiz and received a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies with nuts in the mail from me last week:)
I know Summer from Oklahoma. She and I were in the same ward there and we met right when we moved there. Her husband, Doug, was a year ahead of Brandon in dental school and was his "big brother" on campus. Summer and I had a lot of fun serving in the Young Women's organization in our ward. She is the mom to four darling children and while in OK had a salon in her home and always cut my hair so nicely. We share a love for makeup and desserts. Brandon and I miss having their family around.
Strangely, when Summer moved to Nevada in 2006 our mutual friend Megan bought Summer's house and still lives there.

I call everyone in my family lots of things but I mostly call Brandon, "B, Honey, or Sugar."
I call Jonah "Jo" or "Sweetheart" most often.
Elora has the most nicknames. Sugar Lips is very common, as are Little Woman and Baby Girl.
Thanks for playing.

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Huber Family said...

YUMMMM! They where so delicious!!! Thanks for the fun quiz.