Thursday, March 11, 2010

'N Stuff

February's Culinary Club
We've always held our cooking club's activities at my house, but last month we had it at Rena's beautiful home and her father-in-law taught us how to make a Philipinno noodle dish (cut everything on the diagonal:). Having Rena's family around was fun and if possible, we gabbed even more than usual (with none of us having to be the teacher). I'm looking forward to teaching my friends how to make risottos this month!

Cherolyn, Rebecca, and Debbie

Rena, Leah, and I

The Chef

Ingredients heading to the wok.

Last Night's Idol
When the top 24 were picked this season, I agreed with Simon that the girls were the much stronger group. Last night came as quite a surprise with the boys far outshining the girls performances this week. I'm not even sure I can pick a favorite, though I'd lean towards Mike again. Unfortunately Andrew's performance was good but not as strong as many of the others so I have a feeling that he's out. Aaron Kelly, who is usually great, had the night's weakest performance, and it still wasn't all that bad. Great show, guys!

My Darling Children

Jonah modeling the train engineer costume he got for his birthday from Nana Lisa.

Adorable Elora at the aviary on Tuesday.

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Lacey said...

i wish i could be in your culinary club.