Friday, April 16, 2010


Two quick stories about my kids from today.

Elora had been in bed for about 15 minutes or so this evening and I could hear her talking softly.  I listened at the door and she could hear me walk up so she walked over to the door and tried to shove a book underneath and said, "Read a me."  I went in to tuck her back in bed only to find her buck naked.  Brandon didn't take her potty before putting her down and she will not wear a wet diaper while conscious.

I was about to take the kids on a walk in the stroller this afternoon.  Jonah was playing in the front yard and Elora was playing in the front room.  I said, "You guys need to go potty and put your shoes back on before we can go on our walk."  I went potty and put on my shoes and came back to find them both still shoeless.  I asked Jonah if he needed to go potty before we left and he said, "No, I went in the street."  I bet the two sets of new neighbors just loved that!


Klin said...

Kids are the best. Really.

Lacey said...

that is pretty funny!

Janette said...

Potty training is hilarious.