Monday, April 05, 2010

New Top 5 Picks

Crystal Bowersox - Contestants
1 - Crystal Bowersocks
2 - Michael Lynch
3 - Casey James
4 - Lee Dewyze
5 - Siobhan Magness

I know this is kind of a moot point since we're already down to nine, but I wanted you to see how much they have changed both with eliminations (namely Lilly Scott) and with my changing opinions based on the contestants' performances from my original picks. I've always liked Lee and Casey but I find myself liking them more and more and Michael has been consistently great though I'd probably be less likely to buy his album. Katie and Aaron have grown on me as well. Didi was one of my favorites in the beginning but she picked such bad songs and arrangements that she had to go. Andrew finally had another great performance, but I don't know if it's enough for a comeback this late in the game.

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Skye said...

I think Lee & Casey are my favorite, and the judges had the girls to take it this year, but i don't know.