Tuesday, May 04, 2010

AZ in the News

Although only mildly politically involved and usually way behind on current events (unless covered on SNL's weekend update), I decided to read a couple articles on the new immigration law in Arizona. Arizona is Utah's neighbor, my home state, and the residence of my eight siblings, parents, and various other family members. If you're interested, I liked this article:
A carefully crafted immigration law in Arizona | Washington Examiner
And yes, I am welcoming your comments, both controversial and in agreement:) I always welcome additional information and points of view.


Cathy said...

That article did raise some good points. AZ is receiving plenty of criticism for the immigration bill and I'm pretty sure most of those people don't know all the facts. Someone even told my dad that she won't vote for him because he voted for the bill. The federal government obviously isn't doing its part to help with this problem so the state is taking it into their own hands. Ben had a great idea to show the president what we're actually dealing with. Instead of deporting illegal immigrants back to their home country, we should just send them on a bus to DC and drop them on the white house lawn. Then they will be forced to deal with it.

Jillsywillsy said...

Before I had done any of my own research, I hated the bill. When I saw Uncle Steve was a sponsor I thought I would do a little more reading. The more I read, the less I hate it. I am amazed at what I hear people in the media (and the president)are saying about it. They are either lying or just completely ignorant because they are getting it totally wrong. I am at a point where I really don't want to discuss it with anyone until they have read it and I have finished reading it.