Monday, May 24, 2010

Elora's 2nd Birthday

Elora's second birthday was a cold, rainy day, just like the day she was born.  In fact, we woke up to snow on our lawn on Saturday morning.  That ruled out going to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point to ride the ponies and see the sheep being sheared, so instead we decided to go to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy with Papa.
Manta Ray petting pool.
After lunch and naps it was time for Elora's birthday party.  Aunt Andy stopped by to drop off a gift and play for awhile.  Uncle Brandon, Kathy, Bryson, and baby Bailee stayed for dinner and beyond.

Grammy Linda & Papa Alan made a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, corn & black bean salsa/salad, and couscous.  Dawn, Forrest, and Nicolas came over with gifts and tons of balloons and to enjoy the cake.

 Linda outdid herself with a dark haired doll cake.  Orange flavored with blueberry filling and orange cream cheese frosting dyed purple for the dress skirt.  Jonah loved the cake but Elora seemed unsure as to why we were singing Happy Birthday to a doll and why the doll had two weird, tall candles on it.

She was not convinced it was a cake until she tasted the frosting for herself.

Elora's gifts consisted of darling clothes, cute mini kitchen accouterments, and lots of gorgeous dress-up stuff.

Thank you everyone for making this a great party!
I am redoing Elora's room as my big gift to her.  We are getting her a big girl bed, cleaning the carpets, hanging cute stuff on the walls, painting her little dresser, and I got her the fanciest new bedding.  Before and after pictures to come soon.


Ryan and Elaine Pettit said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Elora...Look like you scored on your big day...tell Mommy and Daddy to give you lots of hugs and kisses from the Texas Pettit's...We love you guys

Sheryl said...

So cute! That's a racy picture of the barbie doll without the rest of her dress, I mean cake. ;)