Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AZ Weekend

Friday at 11am I dropped my kids off with "Papa" Alan, picked up some takeout from Himalayan Kitchen, and headed to the airport.  There I enjoyed the beginning of two blissful hours of nearly uninterrupted reading.  Simple, childless pleasures.
My mom picked me up from the Phoenix airport.  I got to see Mark, Spencer, Gabe, and my dad before they headed out to the Father & Sons campout.  Said hello to Claire before leaving with Karen, Sarah, and Sarah's friend Melissa and her daughter Morgan to Cheesecake Factory where we met up with Robin and her two daughters, Charlotte and Paisley.

Sarah, Melissa, Morgan and I did a little shopping at the mall afterwards.  After Sarah fell asleep I played with Gabe's dog Charley and watched a little Glee before turning in myself.
Saturday I took Sarah to a radiation appointment in Phoenix, then after Starbucks we did a little shopping at Kohls.  Grabbed a burrito at Armandos and by the time we got home, all of Sarah's boys had beat us there:)  We hung out that afternoon.  Chandler and I ran some errands (dropping something off at Nana's, grocery shopping, taking flowers to Autumn, and mailing stuff at the post office).  After that we picked up Sarah, Gabe, and Jackson and we all headed over to Robin's house for a BBQ.  The kids were bold and swam in the pool too.
Dinner was really good!
Sarah and the boys went to bed early and I spent four hours hanging out with Adam that night.  We stayed up way past our bedtimes and had so much fun just talking.
Sunday Sarah's family and I went to Dad's ward since Mark was speaking in Sacrament meeting.  Good talk, Mark.  After a little snooze, we headed over to Mom's house to hang out with our siblings.  Everyone was there except Adam, who had to work.  Grandma Donna came for the fun too:)

We had a great time just hanging out and talking.  And laughing til we cried at some of Ted and Mark's mission stories.
My cousin Mike stopped by later with his darling family so I could see and hold their new baby, Elliot.  Adorable!
That night I went and saw my friend Autumn, who I've known since birth.  She was in a car accident a week and a half ago.  We talked for three hours before we both decided we needed to go to bed.
Monday morning Sarah, Karen, and I grabbed drinks and headed to Sarah's radiation treatment.  She only has 12 left now and the doctor said she should get her energy back about two weeks after they are over.

We went out and had a delicious early lunch in Phoenix before they dropped me off at the airport.
It was a great trip.  I miss you all already!

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