Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Continuing with Robin's idea of posting a blog about each of our siblings. I began mine with my post about Sarah, which you can find at http://blog.myspace.com/listlady . I will continue the rest of them here.
Adam is the 2nd of my parent's nine children and is almost 2 years older than me. It was both good and bad growing up with a big brother.
Until about age 10 I shadowed Adam whenever possible. I loved playing legos and running around the neighborhood building forts, etc. At the age of four I confided in him that I had a crush on Robert Ellingson who was a year or two older than me and had very cute dimples. Adam then forced me to confess my feelings to Robert in front of several other boys. It was very embarassing! My other early memory with Adam is "dancing" around Sarah's Spiderman record player while listening to Barry Manilow.
When we were young Adam and I used "tickle" each other's backs before bed. In high school when we were no longer friends (Don't feel bad Robin, Adam also claimed that me and my friends were the biggest losers alive) I remember one night running into eachother in the kitchen. We stayed up late chatting and snacking, friendlier than we'd been in years, we decided to tickle eachothers backs that night before going to bed. It was a nice feeling knowing he didn't really despise me.
Adam has always been a huge tease. He tormented each of the siblings, he had a talent for finding what were our biggest irritations or the things we were self conscious about. When I was little he used to make fun of the way I cried, he told me that I'd stop crying if I ever just looked in the mirror while I was doing it cause I'd start laughing at how funny I looked (it didn't work).
I remember in high school him asking why I didn't work out, "Don't you want to be buff like this?" he asked as he flexed (senior year I took weight lifting and did get pretty buff).
Adam was a state champion wrestler in high school. I remember his gross techniques for losing weight which sometimes included an all-carrot diet. All my friends in high school (and beyond) thought my big brother was so hot. I told them that they were beneath his notice because they chose to associate with me. He also made it clear that his friends were not worthy of me, I was surprised at his protectiveness but found it cute and flattering. I told him if they weren't good enough for me than maybe he shouldn't be hanging out with them either (which was true cause most of them were potheads).
I think Adam's passion for cooking and food began as a teenager. I remember him making himself German pancakes regularly and buying himself a juicer. He really wanted a dehydrator! He is a health nut and knows as much about nutrition as a dietician. He loves his olive oil spritzer, his "green juice", and his Ezekial bread.
Adam is a great story teller and just the other day my husband said that Adam is one of the funniest people he's ever known. Adam loves to sing along to music and he is very uninhibited. Adam has always loved babies and children, not just more than most men, but more than most people. He is great with kids. He married a wonderful woman who had two sons of her own and took up the father role almost immediately after meeting her. He is a bit of a perfectionist (think temper tantrums during piano practice as a kid) and a fairly strict disciplinarian. He is now also the father of a beautiful daughter.
Love you, brother!


Robin said...

Absolutely fabulous post. You gotta love that Adoo.

Tori :) said...

Adam is totally cute!! You're whole family is good looking.

adam said...

Its funny reading things about yourself, and remembering every incident from your own perspective. I wish I hadn't teased so much, but i'm sure Ethan and Moqui will be saying the same things in a few years...sorry.
BTW I still throw temper tantrums!

colleen said...

Adam was my first and only boy for 10 whole years. I called him "Mr. Comedy." Do you remember that? I knew he was better looking than any of my friends little boys AND way smarter and more coordinated. No other little boys could hold a candle to "MY" little boy. It was great. I felt so superior because even tho Stan and I are average looking our children are INCREDIBLY GOOD LOOKING." Hey! That makes me want to watch Zoolander!
I saved all of Adam's 1st grade journals and I take them out now and then and read till I cry. He's so stinking funny!