Thursday, July 06, 2006


I've always been an X-files fan, unfortunately I never really got to watch it all that much when it was on. In 1998 I watched fairly regularly, but that was really the only time. About three years ago I joined Netflix, an online movie rental club, which I highly recommend, even over the Blockbuster one. At that point I began renting the X-files episodes beginning with season one and finally started watching the show regularly. Brandon and I rent a disc of 4 episodes about every other week. It has taken us three years to get to season seven, disc one. At it was there, at the end of the fourth episode, Millenium, where I finally got the satisfaction I'd been craving. Upon the stroke of midnight, the beginning of the year 2000, after the ball dropped in Times Square and the people there on the TV kissed under the streaming confetti, Fox Mulder, ever so casually leaned over and kissed Dana Scully. And she kissed him back. It was the perfect on-screen first kiss. I was over joyed, it was LONG overdue. It would be fine with me if the show ended there. I still have the rest of season 7 to watch and after that, Fox leaves the show. I've decided to watch seasons 8 and 9 anyway, despite having protested them the first time around. I hear the new guy is pretty great, despite not being David Duchovney, whom I adore. Well, anyway, a truly satisfying episode and overall X-files experience.


Robin said...

I watched my share of X files in high school and never got to see this moment. I've gotta rent this!

sjmiller said...

We watched X-files when we were first married. We loved it. It was our Sunday night thing to do as a couple along with all the friends we had made in Hawaii.
Have you seen the Christmas special where they are on the ship that takes them back in time? THAT is my favorite.
I think I remember seeing this episode, and being overjoyed as well!