Saturday, July 29, 2006


I grew up very close to my dad's side of the family, The Brimleys. He has four brothers and one living sister. When I was a child they all lived close-by. All (except for the youngest) began their families in Mesa, AZ. I have lots of memories of the cousins up to 8 years younger than me (those younger I barely know). We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easters together every year. We had waffle dinners at my grandparents house almost every Sunday. I moved away when I was almost 11, but we were still "home" at least once a year (usually Christmas) every year until my family moved back to Mesa when I was 18 (I didn't join them).
A common family activity among the adults was the playing of Six-Handed Rook. The kids always played Life, Dominos, Connect Four, Checkers, Monopoly, or SkipBo. I remember as I got older wishing I could join in the "adult" game. I can only remember actually playing once. Our family got scattered and the whole group is rarely together anymore. We still like to play SkipBo and Rook though.
This past Christmas my Grandma Brimley gave my husband and I a deck of Rook cards and the instructions for the Brimley version of Six-Handed Rook. We have only been able to play the Two-Handed version so far, but we are loving it. In the past week we must have played 15 times, which is especially great because Brandon and I don't play games together all that often and I LOVE games. Thank you, Grandma. We are keeping the tradition alive!


Robin said...

I have still never learned to play Rook and I think it's time. I do miss SkipBo and need to buy a deck. Oh the days of waffle dinners!Abbie would fill each square of her waffle with syrup.

Jill said...

Oh my gosh. I miss grandpa and all his little sayings when we were playing skipbo.

Tori :) said...

MY dad's family always played Rook also!! And they would cheat and give hints like, "Whew! It's as GREEN as grass around here!" That is definitely a memory of growing up- watching the adults play Rook and Dominoes. :)