Friday, July 14, 2006

Free Advertising

Who doesn't want to be a photographer? I mean really, it's a dream job. Strangely enough, most of my friends in California actually ARE photographers. All of them extremely talented.
I believe I've known Annie since 2nd grade. She is a truly fantastic photographer. I remember being jealous of the telephoto lens she got her senior year in high school to take pictures of the football games, etc. She did nearly all the pictures for our yearbook that year plus layout, etc. Annie is currently based in San Francisco.
One of Brandon and my best friends from BYU-Hawaii. He worked tirelessly for the campus newspaper. He also took great shots of us at parties, the beach, dances, etc. Love his work. He takes great surfing shots too. Nathan works out of San Diego but will travel.
One of my little sister, Robin's oldest friends. I was truly blown away by the shots on her website when I first saw it. When Robin had her baby in December, Amelia visited her shortly after and as a baby gift gave her a wonderful photo shoot and lots of fabulous pictures of her beautiful baby girl, alone and with the family. Amy is based in Orange County.
Steph is another friend from Hawaii. Recently she'd gotten pretty into photography as a hobby and then it seemed that overnight she had opened her own studio in San Diego. What a bold move! I hope it turns out to be very profitable. She has always especially liked pregnancy shots. I remember she and I talking about how gorgeous Demi Moore's nude photos of her big and pregnant were and how we'd love shots that wonderful of us with big bellies.

There is a link on here to "friend Alicia", she is an ameteur photographer with a great camera. We hired her to take pictures of our family in Arizona in March and she got some great candid shots:) Thanks again.

Is it weird if I end this post with no pictures? I could post one of (me with) each photographer or one good one that each had taken or one they had taken for me. I dunno. I'm just going to give the world the links to their websites.

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