Thursday, February 22, 2007

12 Things

Stole this post idea from Acte Gratuit, actually hers said, "Tag, you're it" to her readers, so I kinda got tagged. I am posting 6 weird things about me and 6 things that make me happy.


1- Symmetry - or maybe that's something that makes me happy. Eggs, hot curlers, and ice cubes in the tray, have to be taken out and put back in symmetrically.

2- I HAVE to have a vacation that I'm planning. I am depressed if there is not a definite vacation in my future. (Currently planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas in November).

3- I am very weird about noise. I don't usually like listening to music unless I am driving or doing housework. The more tired I am the more noise sensitive (irritated by noise) I am. Listening to people's thumping base, chewing, or belching often make me insanely angry.

4- Despite my own personal noise issues, I blow my nose, swallow, and hiccough very loudly. Sorry Brandon.

5- I like pothead music (Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Doors, etc.) but I've never smoked pot.

6- I'm not as weird as I thought. These were really hard for me after the first three. The third one encompasses a lot. I'm sure those of you who read this can leave comments about my weirdness that you have noticed.


1- Jonah's smiles, laughs, cute expressions, hair, smell, softness.

2- Brandon's smile, sense of humor, helpfullness, hair, smell, strength, dedication...

3- My family & my friends

4- Good food (curries, salsa, desserts...)

5- Festivities - Halloween, Christmas, birthdays... (and any chance to play games)

6- Great entertainment - books, movies, blogs, tv, etc.


karebare said...

emmy, i just read all of your blogs and loved them. jonah is so handsome and i can see you and brandon when i look at him. i am loving athens. i want to come see you as soon as i can and ill call you when i get a phone. love you

Tori :) said...

I like pothead music too! :)

micila's movement said...

I like POT!!

Just kidding, I use to.

Still love the music though.

I love you and all your weirdness too!

Your posting pretty often for a new mom, you must have it all under control over there! Love ya' lots!

Lauren said...

I don't think you are weird at all. I am much weirder. I do things symmetrically as well...