Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Mom

Well, tomorrow Jonah will be two weeks old. Motherhood is amazing. Fortunately, the breastfeeding has gotten better. My baby is incredibly kissable. I call him "Wiggle Wiggle" and a lot of other silly nicknames.
Nana Lisa came to visit from Illinois this weekend. We like her. More grandparents are due this weekend.

I've left the house without Jonah twice in two weeks. Both times for less than two hours so that Brandon didn't even have to give the baby a bottle (that excess milk will come in handy eventually).

Jonah has been incredibly gassy the past two days. Last night we hardly slept. I've eaten everything that can bother babies (curry, milk, salsa, chocolate, etc., etc.) and nothing has upset him until yesterday. And yesterday I ate almost the exact meals I'd eaten the day before (we love leftovers which require no effort on my part). Lunch included broccoli and dinner included raw, green onions, but they hadn't bothered him much the day before. What's the deal? Poor baby, I hate to see him with such bad tummy aches and feel like it's my fault. I tried the gas drops that Megan recommended, but I can't tell that they do anything.

This picture is Jonah doing the bird face. When he's really hungry he looks just like a baby bird opening up to get his worm. I love when he is frantically rooting around for his milk. So adorable, even if you think he looks silly.

Well, I'm off to shower, haven't done that in a couple days. I actually think I've been wearing the same clothes for at least two days too, normally I at least try to change my shirt. I do manage to brush my teeth and hair at least once a day, but normal hygiene routines are out the window for now.

Oh, and I went to Target today to buy another nursing sports bra, they clearanced all their nursing bras sometime in the past 3 weeks and were out of the one I wanted. Ugh!!
Gotta run, crying baby.


Drew and Annie said...

Oh the blessed newborn stage. Sounds like you are enjoying it all (the good and the bad). Those gas drops never worked for Vance either. Apparently they are less than 40% effective on most babies.

Robin said...

I'm sorry about the gassy baby, it is so hard to know what to do! For some reason Charlotte is so excited looking at Jonah right now, she is squeeling and pointing at the computer!

Robin said...

P.S. Somebody once told me that peppermint is the best thing for sour bellies. They would dissolve a little starbright mint candy in some warm water and give it to their baby in a dropper. Maybe it's worth a try.

Megan said...

Your baby is approaching 2 weeks & that picture perfect baby is fading (not that he isn't perfect... but the start to become more "real" they get gassy, they fuss, they don't always stay ideal sleepers.) Hannah was extremely gassy & I even altered my diet to try to help it, & all it did was frustrate me! So don't make yourself crazy. We found that good burping sessions, some gas drops & some warm compress swaddling would help. Take a washcloth or dish towel, pop it in them microwave to get it nice and warm, put it on his tummy & swaddle him. The warmth helps releive gas bubble & it's a nice comfort. You can also lay him on his belly swaddles, & put his bum in the air & rub his back. GOOD LUCK!!!

Abbie said...

Sophie's going through a gassy stage right now. I never believed in gas drops, but we were desparate last week and bought some. I, like you, don't see a difference. Nursing bras are on clearance at Target? I'd better get over there. I just looked at them last week.