Monday, February 26, 2007

Looky Look

Jonah had a bath yesterday evening and I didn't comb his hair until it was mostly dry so it looked crazy when he went to bed. This morning he woke up with a mohawk! I think it's very stylish.
Lots has happened for the new mother and her cub. Jonah can obviously see farther than he could the first two and a half weeks of life. He now likes to look at the nightlight on his wipe warmer while he is changed in the night and he will watch his mobile in bed for a few minutes too.

His infant rash has been replaced by some baby acne. He almost always gives me at least one 3-hour sleeping increment at night, which is good. Last night I got four hours in a row cause I let Dad give him his last evening feeding while I went to bed. I love having Brandon at home, he is so helpful. Plus, he brought me flowers on Saturday.
Speaking of Brandon, he took his Part II Dental Boards on Friday and Saturday. We're one big step closer to graduation. His graduation date is June 3rd (Jen's birthday). We still have not decided where to live. I want to live in Flagstaff, AZ and he wants to live in Utah. We are both stubborn and biased and it's scary to have to make such a big decision so soon with such differing views.
My brother Teddy in Madagascar is being threatened and abused by a major hurricane right now. Keep the Malagasy people and Ted in your prayers.
What else? Not a lot. Jonah spits up more now, but not too much. He makes a lot of noise. I call him Grunty McGruntster.
My nephew, Chandler, turned six on Saturday. I can't believe my nephews are getting so grown up! Gabe turned 13 the day before Jonah was born. I hope Robin's baby (due in July) is a boy cause then Jonah would have a cousin of the same sex close in age. Right now he's just got his two female cousins (Moqui & Charlotte) a year older than him. At least if I end up in Utah I've sworn to visit Mesa at least 4 times a year, so we can still hang out with Brimleys. If we end up in Flag we can visit monthly. Maybe Mom & Dad will start doing waffle Sunday dinners like Grandma & Grandpa used to for all the grandkids. I just had waffles for breakfast.
I'm totally rambling. It seems like I had more to say, but I can't remember anything important now. I am currently reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It's got a lot of good stuff in there. I have also been browsing The Happiest Baby on the Block. Brandon and I watched the condensed video version of it three times before the baby was born, so the book is just supplemental. Brandon is all about swaddling, swinging, and sucking, more so than I am. I prefer not to give a pacifier, only to swaddle at night and to have Jonah sleep in his own bed rather than the swing.
I remember what else I wanted to record. I went in to my doctor last Wednesday. My scar looks great. He says my incisions are very weak right now because the stitches are dissolving and my weak body is having to heal and hold everything together. He said I only had to remember three things. 1- NO heavy lifting (take things easy all around). 2- No abdominal exercises (this makes getting up out of bed a little unnatural, but it's been that way for over a month). 3- Gentle sex only. I didn't think I'd get clearance for that for at least another week.
As for my post-pregnancy body, I'm 8 lbs. heavier than pre-pregnancy (I think it's all in my belly except a pound in my boobs). I'm glad the other 27 lbs. are gone so quickly. I just look like I have a beer belly or am a little pregnant. I need to find some less fitted shirts (that I can still nurse in). I have no stretch marks on my stomach (?!!) but quite a few on the top of my butt. My legs seem really thin now that the swelling in them and water weight is gone. My complexion is still blotchy and I have the line on my stomach (which has always been off-center). Nursing has become much more pleasant and though I am achy and sore (especially my back), I feel pretty great overall, except when I am exhausted. When tiredness is combined with a little hunger, my irritability skyrockets and I become quite a beast, just ask my poor husband.
NOW, I've rambled enough. Signing off --- Mrs. Jensen.


Robin said...

I cannot believe 27 lbs. is gone already. Expect people with children to despise that about you. Everything sounds wonderful and I love mohawk Jonah!

Drew and Annie said...

Can't wait to find out where you end up after dental school...exciting and scary all at the same time.
Nice to read your chronicles on life as a new mom. It brings back a lot of memories that I didn't realize were so distant already. I need to start preparing myself mentally again for all that.

Megan said...

How cute it that mohawk!?!? Glad to hear that he is giving you a good stretch of sleep (sad that 3 hours is considered good, huh?)
That is great that you have lost most of the baby weight. I was just reading about weight gain during pregnancy & it said something like 8-10 lbs of maternal fat stores. So you are right on track!

Anonymous said...

my 2 cents:
good book to read Positive Discipline by J. Nelsen

where ever you choose to live, remember it is love that makes a house a home!!


Anonymous said...

oh and what a darling baby!!