Thursday, February 15, 2007


Infants have little to no control over their hand movements. They also have sharp little nails. I filed Jonah's nails his first day home but it didn't seem very helpful. I don't understand why any newborn clothes are made without the foldover mittens on the end. I tend to dress Jonah in the gowns that have them. The outfits without them have the accessory of mittens. Jonah has earned the title of Mitten Tosser, he can get them off in record time. He gets swaddled more on days with unattatched mittens. Yesterday after Jonah's bath he got his nails clipped. Today they were filed again. They still seem like a hazard. Any suggestions?


Lindy said...

i bite ellie's, but they grow so fast!!

Drew and Annie said...

Mittens are your best bet. Babies R Us as some great ones that have a tighter elastic so they stay on.

Robin said...

Soon enough he'll figure out what to do with his hands, probably right when you figure out how to solve that problem.

sjmiller said...

Have you heard the trick of clipping their nails when they are sleeping? Makes it easier on you and him, as he isn't wiggling, and you don't have to try to clip a moving nail.

Also, Newborn nails tend to be very soft, so they should have no problem just peeling off. But, if you are having to file them, perhaps your boy has tougher nails?

Mittens never worked on my kids, they always tended to get them off, or fuss with them on. Same with those booties that come with outfits.

Good luck with that one. Those are the things that worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Em!
My kids were all scratchers, we learned that lansinoh cream (the stuff you use when you're raw from nursing) heals the scratches in record time. Just put a little on his face, wherever the scratch is, and it will heal quickly. We liked putting booties on their hands. They give a little more room for baby to move his fingers, and if you get the fun kind that have a rattle or bell in them, they're fun for baby (and you can hear if he pulls them off and throws them somewhere). :) Good luck! -Avalie