Sunday, December 02, 2007

Full Weekend

Brandon spent all day Friday and Saturday at a course learning more about how to do dental implants. He loved it and excited to start doing them on patients.
It snowed most of the day on Fri. and Sat. which made B's commute home Friday evening twice as long as it normally would have been and kept Brad, Stephanie & kids from coming up to hang out with Jonah and I on Saturday and enjoying the Christmas festivities up here. It also made it look like Winter has truly arrived in Utah. It's lovely.
Saturday I indulged in my second Happy Meal of the week. I've also been eating a lot of bacon, but not as much as I want to eat. Maybe it's not because it's my second pregnancy that I'm already looking so round.
Saturday Jonah and I got to ride the train in Heber, which was free for locals who picked up tickets in advance and who were accompanied by a child under the age of 12. Jonah liked the train ride more than I expected and LOVED having so many kids around. He didn't give a hoot about Santa.
After the train ride we went to Swiss Christmas at the town hall in Midway. It was small and crowded and the kids we saw perform were neither especially darling or very talented. I'm sorry to be so critical, but I was unimpressed. However, we did pick up a bar of locally made soap (I love homemade soap) and locally made jam (including the local service berry), which was delicious. Jonah was too tired to make it to the creche and gingerbread house exhibits going on nearby.
Today we enjoyed the company of the whole immediate J. family. Linda made her fantastic homemade chili and we all ate at our house. The dogs (Cody & Oakley) loved playing in the snow together. Then we took family pictures, or I should say picture, the first one turned out well, so we just left it at that. It was a Christmas miracle. Then we drove up Daniel's Canyon and cut down our own Christmas trees. We chose a very skinny, but full fir. It is about 6 ft. tall. Jonah enjoyed riding around in Grammy Linda's coat watching the three trees being sawed down.

Jonah and me with Santa aboard the Heber "Creeper".

Brandon, Brandon M. (our brother-in-law), Linda, and Jonah.

Brandon with our tree, just before cutting it down.


Lauren said...

I have never had a real tree. I hear so much crap about them though, so I am not too sad. I am impressed by you guys going out and picking one out in the forest yourselves! That's amazing!!! I love it.

Nancy Face said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! The pictures are great...the snow is so beautiful! I love your tree! :)