Friday, December 28, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We're spending Christmas here in Illinois with the M. Family (Brandon's mom, stepdad, and two sisters). We're having a ball. Jonah loved the excitedment, paper, ribbons, toys, and books of Christmas!

Waving (Jonah's newest trick) with Grandpa Mike.

Jonah with Aunt Vivi.

Who is SOOO Big? (Jo with Nana Lisa)

Unwrapping gifts Christmas morning.

Jonah and Brandon playing Mario Galaxy.

Aunt Tori (12 & a great babysitter) with camo Jonah.

Brandon and Vivian rockin' it on Guitar Hero 3.

Yet another special occassion with no pictures of me.


Lauren said...

Jonah is so cute, he looks so cuddly!

I ♥ Guitar Hero 3...I am offically obsessed.

Nancy Face said...

Awww...Jonah is so cute, as always! Love his new trick!

Skye said...

Erik has been wanting to get guitar hero. It doesn't seem like other nintendo games where you are just glued to the tv, this one you can actually interact with eachother. We might have to get it.