Sunday, December 09, 2007

This Week

Somebody is stylish.

Brandon and I watched Charlie Brown's Christmas too many times. Here's our skinny tree; we love it, so does Jonah.

This week we trimmed our tree.

The cutest baby in the world.

This week (Thurs) Jonah learned to clap.

Me being a dork in our luxurious room at the Grand America with my roses, white chocolate swans, and berries.

This week we finally celebrated our anniversary.It was 24 hours of luxury. We began by dropping Jonah off with his Gampa. Then we went to a play at the Pioneer Theatre Company. We both love plays and we we lived in Utah while we were dating and the first two years we were married we went a lot. We saw The Foreigner, it was pretty silly, fun though.
Then we checked into Salt Lake's finest hotel, The Grand American (Brandon says he still likes The Four Seasons in Dallas better). Our room was on the 22nd floor with a nice view. There were a dozen red roses waiting for me in the room, Christmas music playing on the tv along with sparkling water, two white chocolate swans, raspberries, blackberries and chocolate. Great room.
Brandon had me choose where we would go for dinner. We went out for Nepali and Indian food at the Himalayan Kitchen. It was only a block and a half away so we decided to brave the cold and walk, which was fun.
After dinner we spent a little time checking out the hotel spa before our massage appointment. Our therapists had us spend a little time enjoying their designer chocolates while smelling the different fragrances we would choose for our custom-made massage oil. We have never done a couple's massage before. In fact, Brandon has never had a professional massage before at all. He was not disappointed. Both of us have had sore backs lately and we REALLY enjoyed this much-needed pampering.
We slept in (8:30 is sleeping in for me) and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the Grand's Garden Cafe. Then I swam laps in the indoor pool while Brandon enjoyed the spa's saunas. We picked Jonah up at 1:30 and came home. It was a wonderful 24 hours!


Lauren said...

What a fun time!! I am so glad you got ot go on a little vacation! I have never gotten a massage but I am kinda timid about the whole thing. I don't know how I feel about a stranger touching my back.

Those swans are amazing!!!

Jonah is the cutest little boy :)

I love your tree!!!

Abbie said...

Wow that sounds amazing. I've never done a vacation like that.

And I, too, love your tree.

Nancy Face said...

Jonah looks so grown up in his stylish outfit! :)

I'm so happy for you and your hubby! Your anniversary getaway sounds romantic and relaxing and wonderful!

Robin said...

Sound fantastic! You look so skinny, I can't believe you're prego. and I love the little handsome pants.

mrs. r said...

i LOVE the grand america. it's hard NOT to feel glamorous there. it's the most rad hotel.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What an awesome anniversary celebration! Such decadence!

I LOVE your tree! I had a similar one last year... they just have more character!

Nancy Face said...

Thank you for the Christmas card! It made my day! :)