Monday, December 17, 2007

Reading n' Stuff

Finished the satisfying Persuasion by Jane Austen last night. I'm going to begin Life of Pi tomorrow. I fall asleep reading most evenings now.
Only three more Christmas gifts to buy and I can get them all online. Yippee! Now I need to get started on wrapping and get a few things mailed.
Jonah now says "Mama" when he is asked to:) !! He's on the verge of saying "kitty cat" too. He doesn't babble "dada" or "blah, blah" anymore lately. Still no top teeth.
He's also displaying the signs of picky eating for the first time ever. He's figuring out what he likes. He likes things he can feed himself, meats, and juice. He loves carrot apple juice and the green Bolthouse Farms juice. He's not so into oatmeal lately. We like grapes. He tried edamame/soybeans last night for the first time and loved them.
He poked/pinched/pulled his belly button so hard in the tub last night that he cried. Silly baby!
Off to Illinois for Christmas on Sunday, we're excited.
Nothing else I can think of right now.


sjmiller said...

Have fun on your trip! (Hope the weather improves for you guys!)

I love your updates on Jonah! It's like reading and being a part of his baby book!

Nancy Face said...

I absolutely love Persuasion!

Have a wonderful time in Illinois! Merry Christmas! :)

Lauren said...

Soy beans!? That is one awesome baby! I'm nearly 20 and I can't stand 'em.

Have fun in Illinois!!