Friday, December 14, 2007

This is NOT salsa

Lomi Lomi salmon (not to be confused with Lomi Lomi massage, which is a story for another day)

I just read an incredibly funny blog by my friend Lauren about her first experience with sushi. She ate the wasabi plain. PLAIN! I got a good laugh at her expense.

It reminded me so much of another story that I now just have to share.

I lived in Hawaii for 3 1/2 years. My best friend there was Arianna. The first time I went to a luau was shortly after Ari had gone to hers. She said to me, "When you go, there will be stuff that looks like salsa. That is NOT salsa. It might even taste good but if you are expecting salsa and you get fish, it just isn't good."


Nancy Face said...

Haha! I love salmon, so here's my question: is that stuff cooked or raw? (And does it taste good?)

Lauren said...

We thought it was guacemole! I blame it entirely on my mom...aren't mothers supposed to teach you to stay away from harmful things?

The raw salmon happened to be the only sushi I liked...I bet that Loma Loma stuff is pretty good.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Oh boy! Thanks for the warning... I hate seafood.

sjmiller said...

*sigh* Hawaii!

Thanks for the chuckle I got from your post! I can just hear Airy saying that too!

Emily said...

Nancy- normally I have a firm policy of not replying to comments in my own comments but since I don't have your email I'll make an exception. I believe lomi lomi salmon is considered "pickled" so it's cured rather than cooked, though I could be wrong. And it tastes okay, I believe there are onions and tomatoes in with it. I'm really only into fish when it is exceptionally fresh and either cooked or in sushi.