Monday, August 04, 2008

Flaming Gorge

This is where I spent the past three days.
Flaming Gorge is a reservoir on the border of Utah and Wyoming. I have been there nearly every summer for a trip for the past 10 years, either for a M. family reunion (B's mom's family) or a J. Family Reunion (B's dad's family). The M. family has gotten so big we don't really do family reunions anymore so I was there with a bunch of Brandon's dad's family. Alan's brother Verl was there with two of his daughters and their families and Alan's sister R'Lene was there with her two sons and two daughters and their families. Alan just had Brandon as his two daughters were unable to attend this year.
To tell the truth I spent a lot more time at Camper World than on the actual lake. The two days I spent at the lake were fun but I didn't actually get to do any watersports this year. Saturday it got so windy that only a few people got to surf, but we all got to swim and the water was great. Sunday was great weather for wakeboarding, but I don't do watersports on the sabbath so I just rode around in the boat with my kids.


Lorena said...

You are so brave... I hate to take my kids camping when they are babies!! ( Except Lake powell... I will go crawling if nacessary!) we are going to F.G. Next week!! I'm very excited!

Nancy Face said...

That place is beautiful! :)

sjmiller said...

Looks like you had a fun time! That area is so pretty!

Kami said...

Looks like a fun spot our family is actually looking for a good family reunion spot next summer there in Utah or Idaho any ideas? Since my nephew died this year my brother is really wanting to try to unify the family more this way. Oh by the way I love the cupboard locks on the chairs! Great Idea!