Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I bought a zoo pass this year and we have only used it twice since April. It's time to go again soon.

Does anyone else think the Hogle Zoo seems smaller than it did 10 years ago??

I tried to find stuff about this online and although reading the history of the zoo was rather facinating, I didn't find any specifics about the east side disappearing or the whole thing shrinking. I do know that it has undergone major changes.

This year's issues concerning the zoo as listed in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Public funding deal
* What Democrats wanted: Allow Hogle Zoo to ask voters for a $65 million bond with no strings attached.
* What Republicans wanted: Allow the zoo's bond on the November ballot, but prohibit Hogle from tapping any tax dollars until it has raised $20 million in private donations.
* The compromise: Hogle can ask voters for a $33 million bond, but it won't get any of the money until it raises $11 million on its own.


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Ryan & Elaine Pettit said...

I can't wait to see you guys and the kids.

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