Saturday, November 01, 2008


Elora is doing basically all the same things at five months that Jonah did:
rolling around
scootching around
laughing a lot
trying to sit up
chewing on everything
and this:

Jonah, June 2007

Elora, October 2008

Jonah again


stephanie said...

whoa. those are some big cute smiles.

Klin said...

You have some happy babies there.

Love the smiles.

Robin said...

Holy crap, I have never seen any other babies smile that huge! I love it.

Megan said...

After seeing Elora in real life I will never look at her pictures the same way... they don't do her justice... sorry. It's not that the pictures aren't cute, but they don't capture just exactly how adorable she is!!

Janette said...

I can't believe how much alike they look. They are so adorable. Those afer the kind of faces I could kiss off!