Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daily Tasks

Everyday I...

Get dressed
Prepare three meals
Breastfeed Elora 6 times
Feed the cats
Change about 11 diapers
Get Jonah dressed
Do a load of laundry
Check my email
Unload & load the dishwasher
Email and/or blog and/or at least read my friends status updates on Facebook
Read Jonah at least one book
Spend 10 minutes in the bathroom with Jonah for potty practice time (new)
Try and find new ways to entertain my kids and help them learn
Sweep the dining room floor
Put away toys
Have a conversation with Brandon
Watch a show or read
Brush my teeth at least once
Pray at least once

Notice some things are missing from my list, such as:
bathe the kids
put on makeup and do my hair
leave the house
talk on the phone
return emails
clean the house
spending much quality time with Brandon
time for friends
read my scriptures (this has got to change!)

Things I dread but have to do a lot anyway:
clipping the kids fingernails
changing the litterbox
grocery shopping
running errands

Bookclub once a month is basically my social life. That and hanging out with my in-laws most weekends.
Storytime at the library every week and nursery for almost two hours on Sundays is Jonah's social life.

Actually a lot has been happening here lately and there is more coming up.
Last Wed. Brandon and I saw Noises Off in Salt Lake at Pioneer Theater one evening and left Elora with a non-family babysitter for the first time. She did great and has been really good with taking a bottle about once a week lately. She is almost ready for solid foods now.
Picked up a permit to cut our out Christmas tree again this year.
Went to my brother-in-law's football game on Friday evening with the kids and in-laws.
Spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Had the missionaries over for dinner that night.
Left the kids with B on Monday morning while I ran errands.
Got to babysit Jonah's best friend Vivian for a couple hours this morning. Supposed to watch a movie with her mom, Angela, this evening for a little girl's night out.
More to come...


Huber Family said...

Welcome to Motherhood, No time for yourself. They sure are worth it though!!!

Janette said...

Sounds just like my life, only there are many days I don't get dressed, do a load of laundry, or even come downstairs, let alone check my email. And from the sounds of it, you'd think I just sit around all day eating bonbons and drinking gingerale. But I don't. Somehow the day passes by and I think, "What did I do today anyway?" Well, just like you said, change diapers, feed babies/children, make meals, do dishes, etc. etc. Funny season we're in isn't it? But I know I'll miss it when it's over. Let's relish in it. How great is it that we can hang out all day in our pjs with our kids? Someday we'll wish we could do it again.

Robin said...

REminds me of a post I did when I had 2 little kids

We sound like we do the same things. I dread getting groceries and I usually only get dressed to go pick Tucker up from school. young babies keep it that way for a while. Hang in. Love you.

Klin said...

Before too long you will have a life different from now and you will reminisce about this short time in your life.

I drive my daughter to school in my PJ's cause I miss days when I could go no where and just diddle and dawdle around the house.

I love your pics of your kids activities. They are so cute. Jonah eating the snow is so fun. What did he think?

Zach and Shanna said...

Wow, I hear ya!