Thursday, November 13, 2008


Despite the fact that Jonah wore his costume no less than four times, Elora only put hers on once. On Halloween evening , we caught the end of my BIL's football game. It was an early kickoff so we brought the kids to the game in their costumes since they're too young to appreciate trick-or-treating yet anyway. We got back to their Grampa & Grammy's place by their bedtimes and in time for us to catch the late trick-or-treaters and to watch an old black and white horror flick.


Andy said...

Cute pictures! It was so much fun seeing them at the game. Thanks for bringing them out and supporting Brandon. I KNOW he notices and appreciates it. Both kiddos had great costumes. BTW - what is my hair doing?

Derrick and Kami said...

Ohh, cute kiddos! I love the costumes. Wish we were around to see them. It's fun to keep updated on what you are doing. love ya!