Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jo Jo

I'm also exceptionally grateful for this extremely amusing child.

He makes me laugh multiple times a day. I was trying to think of funny things he's been doing to tell my dad on the phone yesterday and I remembered a few.
1- Jonah loves helping me by throwing things away in the trash. He especially feels responsible for throwing away used diapers, both his and Elora's. He immediately picks them up after a changing and says, "trash" and I go open the bathroom, pantry, or Elora's bedroom door so that he can go in and throw it away. He even opens the lidded trashcan with his foot on the foot pedal. When I don't let him go outside with me to the outside trash to throw away his poopy diapers he is really mad. Also, twice recently I was laying him down for his nap and he got upset yelling "trash" from his bed because I was going to leave the room holding a used diaper and throw it away myself. I got him out of bed so he could do it and he went down quietly for his nap after that.

2- I have been careful to try and not let Jonah get too attatched to any one stuffed animal or blanket. He always goes to bed with a couple soft things, but never the same ones too often. Lately he has taken to requesting which "stuffy" he would like in bed with him at naptime and bedtime. We'll lay him down with a stuffed animal or be about to grab him one and he'll say, "bear", "dog", "muk-ee", or "frog" and we'll have to find him that particular one. It's pretty cute.

Well, I'm off to clean house, play with kids, prepare for company, and get ready for staying at the cabin tonight and having Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I am grateful that my good friend Victoria is able to come out from Las Vegas to spend this holiday and the whole weekend with us!

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