Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Island Park, ID

Population: 218

Saturday morning we got in the car at 10am to take the annual (only my 3rd year going actually) Jensen family fishing trip.  Five hours later (of a whole lot of whining and a great lunch of smoked pork sandwiches in some small town just over the Idaho border) we were in gorgeous Island Park.
After getting settled in at our lovely condo, we went to dinner with Alan, Linda, Uncle Verl, and Aunt Margene.  After getting the kids to sleep, Andy and Brandon arrived to take over our second bedroom.
The next morning my little family, Andy, Brandon (aka: Coach), Alan, and Linda piled into the fishing boat and spent five hours fishing but not catching.

Jonah and Elora had their own child-size fishing rods and Jonah is quite the caster!
Elora just wanted to play with the worms the whole time:)

The last hour or so the boat was feeling awefully crowded and Brandon and the kids jumped off to explore the shore for awhile.
This is how we found them when we came back to pick them up!

Monday while the rest of the group went fishing on Henry's Lake, I took the kids to West Yellowstone, MT.  We spent an hour or so at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.  Lots of fun!
The kids howling like wolves.
The kids being bears in a cave.
Andy and Alan caught fish but the rest came home empty-handed.

That afternoon Brandon took the kids swimming, fed them, and put them to bed while I went fishing on Henry's with Alan, Linda, and Andy.

It was gorgeous and even though I didn't catch anything, I had a great time.  Andy brought a nice brook trout back.
That night the adults enjoyed Linda's famous/traditional pecan-crusted trout with orange sauce for dinner.
Tuesday morning the kids and I went hiking and to Big Springs while Brandon and the rest of the gang took a final fishing run at Henry's.  

Brandon caught about eight fish (threw most of them back), everyone caught lots, except for Linda who caught a single beauty but was pleased as punch cause she'd finally succeeded in catching something on the paddleboard!
We had lunch and birthday cake over at Verl and Margene's condo to celebrate Verl's 75th birthday.  The drive home was uneventful but lovely.


Macey said...

How fun! Cute kids :)

Skye said...

How fun, we're trying to plan a trip there this summer, I think the kids will love it! Oh, and I lOVE the naked picture.

Anonymous said...

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